City App

digital ecosystem for smart cities!

City App

Context aware and location sensitive mobile App to provide relevant and personalized information for your citizens on the go.

Support Residents, Visitors and the Business Community with relevant information and smart mobile services.

City App Analytics

Use the City App Dashboard and Analytics data to seize Opportunities for your city.

Get reports and analytics data about the usage of the City App and convert the results into smart data.

City App Backoffice

Implement a mixed editorial team in multiple locations and embrace the advantages of our cloud based contet management and campaign management tools. 

City App

Engage and inform your citizens on the go with context and location aware services with our City App solution. Provide information about Places, Buildings, Events, Gastronomy, Parties, Art Galleries, Parking, Sports, Familiy Services, Businesses and Retail Stores.

Your citizens will enjoy our context aware mobile first app experience on the go and will allways get all important information with a few touches.

Push and activate your citizens with the integrated campaign management tool and use Push Notifications, Email, SMS and interactive In-App Advertising to engage and activate your app users.


Context aware nearby search engine for: Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Retail Stores, Services


Engage and activate your citizens:
• Push Notifications
• Email
• In-App Advertising
• In-App Displays


Find and filter all events nearby based on your personal interests: concerts, entertainment, art events, family gatherings, parties, shows, fairs,…


Encourage your citizens to share their experiences within the city with our integrated social media sharing features:
• Send a Friend Email
• Twitter
• Facebook

Smart Finder

The context aware Smart Finder search engine will help the citizens to find places, companies, service providers, events, buildings or contact persons and will display the relevant nearby restaurants, cafes, bars, events and retail stores.

Navigation and Directions

Help visitors, tourists and your citizens to find buildings or places and get directions on the go.

Event Calendar

The citizens can find and filter all events nearby based on the personal interests: concerts, entertainment, art events, family gatherings, parties, shows, fairs,…