Digital Signage

digital ecosystem for smart cities!

Live Wayfinding

Support residents, visitors and the business community with dynamic live wayfinding and show people the best way.

Based on the current GEO location and the current viewing angle, the dynamic map engine will display the best route and the range and dynamic directional signs will show the way.

Hyperlocal Neighborhood Marketing

Hyperlocal Neighborhood Marketing solution and the Campaign Management System enables location aware and contextual advertising.
With dynamic messaging based on location, date and time and other real-time data, consumers benefit from advertising that is relevant and contextual

City Events & Gastronomy Guide

Smart food and nightlife guide of restaurants, bistros, food truck, bars and clubs based on the right day and time.

Promote current events or gastronomy & nightlife offers dynamically, to inform your citizens about breaktfast, lunch, dinner offers or special nightlife events with live wayfinding.


Smart cities interact with citizens by guiding them, enriching their commute routes, providing them with relevant information and content, and connecting them digitally to their surroundings.
Therefore, we provide an intelligent Digital Signage software and hardware solution to guide and inform residents, visitors and tourists  with relevant and location aware content.


we offer digital signage hardware & software solutions for 24/7 operation with an integrated cloud-based remote management solution to control content playback and reduce maintenance costs.


Current events are automatically promoted within the Digital Signage displays to guide the people to the right event location at the right time.
Also promote the coming up events dynamically, to inform your citizens about events, shows, concerts, fairs or special meetups


Dynamic Advertising and Hyperlocal Neighborhood Marketing solution to promote local retail stores and businesses with current offers an the live wayfinding solution to help the people to find the best way to the reatail stores.
This Hyperlocal Marketing solution and the integrated Campaign Management System enables location aware and contextual advertising and the citizens can benefit from better advertising, which may be more relevant to their city activities.


Dynamic Direction Sign Boards will guide residents, visitors and tourists through the city and always point in the right direction to the most important places at the right time.

Based on the current GEO location and the current viewing angle of the kiosk, dynamic maps and direction signs will show the people the best way.

This dynamic direction boards can change during the day, depending on the location of the current events and IoT sensors. The directional signs are changed dynamically using the Live Wayfinding Engine.


Digital Signage solution

Hyperlocal Campaign Management

The integrated campaign management solution enables dynamic messaging and advertising based on location, date and time and other real-time data trigger like IoT sensors,  visual sensors or iBeacon BLE transmitter.

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Digital Signage Management

Our cloud-based, content-rich digital signage solution is the central platform for all digital signage needs, from building and distributing dynamic content to remotely managing a network of digital signage displays.

This also helps to reduce maintenance costs.

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Deigital Signage Analytics

The optional Digital Signage Analytics tools and views can provide analytics data to seize Opportunities for your city.
Turn your Digital Signage data into meaningful information and find insights within your data with the Digital Signage reporting tools such as pivot charts, spreadsheets, and dashboards.

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Revenue stream for the city

Of course, implementing a digital signage infrastructure and maintaining a smart city isn’t without its costs.

Luckily, advertising space can be sold in order to fund the project and even generate extra revenue for the city.

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