Smart Retail

digital ecosystem for smart cities!

Smart Retail Profiling

With our iBeacon-enabled tools, you can trigger and analyze the physical touch-points of citizens within the local retail stores.

With built-in campaign management and advertising tools, the retails stores can engage and activate the right people to visit the retail store at the right time.

Smart Retail Analytics

Get actionable reports and smart retail business insights.
See how many citizens you’re reaching and how many are returning.
Know how much extra revenue your loyal citizens are generating.

Smart Retail Proximity Marketing

With our iBeacon-enabled proximity marketing tool and the context aware City App, visitors to retail stores receive valuable product information, personal offers or coupons to boost sales.

This Smart Retail solution will enhance the  user experience of the citizens and will connect the users to the local retail stores .

Smart Retail

The Smart Retail tools and services will engage and delight the local retail store visitors with a smarter user experience, better customer services and personal offers.

The context-aware City App and the City Card will connect the citizens with the local retail stores and trigger the customer touch-points.

The built-in campaign management tools and advertising tools will engage and activate the citizens to visit the local retail stores at the right time.


• Drive customer loyalty and acquire new ones.
• Reach Your Target Audience.
• Drive Foot Traffic to Your Business.
• Kill Shorooming and increase sales.
• Engage & captivate the visitors with compelling services.
• Delight Your visitors with contextually relevant information


• City Card loyalty program
• iBeacon context-aware City App
• Campaign Management tools
• Advertising Management tools
• Smart Retail Profiling
• Smart Retail Analytics
• Push & Email Notification System