Werksviertel Munich City App for iOS

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Werksviertel Munich City App for iOS

December 6, 2016 City App 0
Werksviertel München iOS App

The new Werksviertel Munich smart city is being built at the Munich Ostbahnhof and arguably one of the first smart cities in Germany.

Working, living, learning, eating, celebrating, art, culture and music – urbanity is being redefined and new concepts for life in a traditional and at the same time modern city emerge.

With the help of the cloud-based SmarterCity.solution the digital ecosystem for smarter cities was implemented within 6 months.
Using standardized interfaces, a wide range of applications and smart city services can supplement and use the digital ecosystem.

The Werksviertel City App for the iOS platform is the first service to be connected to the digital ecosystem in the Werksviertel.

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